Artist Statement

Making art has been the essence of my existence for as long as I can remember. I find inspiration in just about every aspect of life. My creative compass is guided by subjects that ignite my imagination, whether it's the intricate dance of interpreting an abstract concept or the magnetic pull of themes spanning from the vibrant world of pop culture to the enigmatic wonders of science.

At the genesis of my artistic process lies the collection of diverse fragments – fragments drawn from the kaleidoscope of existence. These fragments are as diverse as the landscapes I tread, the faces I encounter, the mundane yet profound grocery lists, the stories concealed within magazine or newspaper clippings, the digital treasures unearthed in the vast expanse of the internet, or the serenity captured in fleeting moments by the ocean's edge. From this eclectic symphony of life, I embark on a voyage of interpretation, my artistic odyssey an intuitive dance with the unknown. I relinquish control, allowing the canvas to become a companion, guiding my hand toward a destination still shrouded in mystery.

My ultimate aim, above all, is to craft works that serve as a bridge between my world and that of the viewer – creations that beguile and intrigue, coaxing forth emotions, sparking contemplation, and courageously challenging preconceived notions. Each stroke of the brush, every layer of color, represents a deliberate step in the creation of something that extends an invitation: an invitation to peer into the depths of curiosity and connect with the essence of the human experience.

In this ever-evolving journey, I continually seek to unearth my true artistic voice, a relentless pursuit driven by the desire to craft art that is visually arresting, profoundly captivating, and beautifully enigmatic. A reflection of life's infinite complexity.